Monday, April 11, 2011

What is QR9?

Queen's Rook 9 is not yet a game studio, yet it is more than just a silly name. Like so many college students, I'm convinced that I know what's best for the world, and especially for the future of gaming. I'm also convinced that I am the future of gaming. QR9 is the face of that vision and of my dream to one day be a part of the game industry that I love so dearly.

As my graduation looms, I hope to turn my passion for gaming from a dilettante's hobby into a career. The early days of this (twice refurbished) site will be half organization of my projects thus far and half a list of my qualifications for the benefit of potential employers. Hopefully, in a couple of years this will be the home of a thriving indie studio.

Hope springs eternal (especially with the advent of easy digital distribution),

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