Monday, April 11, 2011

History of QR9: Chapter II - Dark Universe

During my freshman year here at the Fair College, I took an introductory course in java programming. Immediately, I loved coding. To me, it embodied the creative power I had always longed for. Interactive and complex programs capable of tons of computation could be created relatively quickly, I was in heaven. From the first few weeks of class, I couldn't wait to apply this new found power to making games. I realized very quickly, though, that a single semester of programming (at a liberal arts school, no less) really didn't give me much power.

After that first semester, I started creating my first computer game; a text based sci-fi RPG called "Dark Universe". I loved having a big programming project that I could really sink my teeth into, but even more I loved working with a game. With every bit of progress, the game gained functionality and got closer and closer to a finished project. I would fly (by typing painstakingly formatted commands) around a small sandbox star system, repeatedly hailing other ships, even though they always had the same generic response. After teaching myself object orientation and writing about 1000 lines of code (probably five times more than I had for any other program), I realized that I had been way too ambitious and was in over my head. I reluctantly abandoned the project and started a new semester, eager to learn more programming and return to making games.


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